December 2017

Do you remember the University Library?

The University Library, located in the centre of Lund, was recently elected as the most beautiful building in Lund (reader contest in Sydsvenskan, autumn 2017). It’s appearance changes with the seasons and it’s a very popular photo object. You can come to the University Library to study, have a coffee, explore an exhibition or just walk around and be amazed … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

We at the Alumni Office, Maria, Karen and Johanna, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for 2017 and looking forward to seeing you in 2018! Before we closed the office for the holidays, I took a quick walk through Lund city centre. In winter you need all the sun time you can get! And … Continue reading

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Why are there meatballs in a Swedish Christmas buffet?

Our editor of the Alumni Network newsletter, Lundensaren, asked Håkan Jönsson, ethnologist at Lund University, what meatballs are doing in the Swedish Christmas buffet. Why are they there, and why are they so important to us? What is the meatball doing in the Christmas buffet? Brief answer: It is there because people like it. Slightly longer answer: Because the Swedish … Continue reading

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LU Alumna Ranks Among 35 Most Travelled Bloggers in 2017

While most students and alumni dream of travelling the globe, one of Lund University’s alumni didn’t stop at a single trip around the world this year. Larissa Olenicoff, who graduated from Lund University in 2012, is now a popular travel blogger. She shares travel stories on her blog and impressive photography on her Instagram account. Her travels haven’t gone … Continue reading

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Lucia morning

We would like to thank all alumni who joined us for our traditional Lucia breakfast in Pelarsalen in the University main building on 13 December. Meeting all of you and enjoying music from the very talented Carolinae Damkör was a fantastic way to start this dark December morning. Enjoy some of the photos from the event in the album below. … Continue reading

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Q&A with alumna Margit Johansson

Margit took a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work in Lund and graduated in 1986. She have long experience from working within the social services in Sweden and in this Q&A she tells us about what she likes most about her job today and how her time in Lund has influenced her career. What have you been up … Continue reading

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How does Lund University sound?

This fall Lund University, as the first university in Sweden (as far as we know), got a new sound identity. The sound identity was created by Johannes Dalenbäck and Christian Tellin at Mirror Music and in this interview Johannes tell us more about what a sound identity is, why it is important for an organisation to have one and where … Continue reading

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Networking in Harare

Last week, a delegation from Lund University visited University of Zimbabwe and met with the Ambassador of Sweden, potential students as well as alumni and friends in Harare. Up until a few days before going to Zimbabwe, the departure was uncertain due to the political circumstances. Luckily, the situation eventually settled and we were able to travel as planned. Lund … Continue reading

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