September 2017

TBT – Do you remember the AF-building?

The AF-building is located in the centre of Lund and is like a second home for many students in Lund. Whether you want a place to study, have a fika, see a spex or attend a ball the AF-building is the right place to go.   The Academic Society (Akademiska Föreningen, AF) was founded in 1830 in order to assemble … Continue reading

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Projekt Exa(k)t!

From the second I got to Lunds Fontänhus I felt warmly welcomed. The first thing I met was an open door with the word “welcome” over it and when getting into the house it was full of people and activity. I was greeted by Jamie Woodworth, communicator for Fontänhusets new project, Projekt Exa(k)t, which I was there to talk about … Continue reading

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Only a month away

It’s only a month away! The first Alumni Homecoming Weekend in the history of Lund University. We are so excited to meet over 200 international and Swedish alumni in Lund 20-22 October. These three days will be filled with inspiring meetings and lectures, guided tours and social activities. The worries we may have had in the beginning of not filling … Continue reading

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We need YOUR story for Love@Lund 2018, the exhibition about love that started in Lund

Nothing is as euphoric as love! Lund University is looking for more love stories that started in Lund. Are you married, have children, engaged with or just dating a love interest you met during your studies in Lund? We welcome all love stories for the project Love@Lund 2018. Contact us on email The opening exhibition of Love@Lund 2018 will … Continue reading

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A day at the office

Working at the Lund University Alumni Office is anything but boring. Here’s a quick glimpse on what’s currently going on at our office. Morning seminar: “From innovation to commercial success” Morning spent at Mobile Heights and Godmorgon Lund, the city’s breakfast meetings to inspire innovation and growth. But first a note on biking in Lund. I travelled from the western … Continue reading

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One of our greatest

In loving memory of one of Sweden’s greatest comedians, authors, actors and Lund University alumnus, Hasse Alfredson.

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Top 10 Tips to a Career in Sweden

Have you always been dreaming about a career in Sweden but feel like you have no clue about what it takes to make that dream come true? You don’t have to worry anymore! Here’s our top 10 tips to a career in Sweden, provided to you by Anna Månsson, coordinator at Career Center, School of Economics and Management and Susanne … Continue reading

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New semester, new blog

What could be a better time to start the Lund University Alumni Network blog than in September? At the start of a new semester at the University, the start of a new career for many of our young alumni, when everyone who has enjoyed a long vacation are relaxed and back in the office and last but not least just … Continue reading

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