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Have you heard about “Quatten”?

Lundagård is not only the name of the large park surrounding the University main building and the AF-building. It is also the name of a student magazine written by and for Lund University students since the 1920’s. The first edition, a 12-page-long magazine created by editor Gunnar Aspelin, saw daylight on 26 March 1920. A few years later, in 1924, … Continue reading

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5 peculiar sites in Lund you (maybe) didn’t know about

Time zone of the “Academic quarter” An academic quarter is 15 minutes long and means that you start 15 minutes after a scheduled starting time. And, just in front of the university fountain you find the time zone of the “Academic quarter”. The tradition of the academic quarter at Lund University dates back to the 1700’s when only professors could … Continue reading

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