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We’re back in the office and Lund is waking up again after the holidays. The queues at the most popular lunch restaurants are long. Gerdahallen, and most likely all other gyms in Lund, are filling up with people eager to stay on track with their New Year’s resolutions or just getting back to their weekly routines. This is also the last week of the autumn semester and current students are finalising their exams and papers. On my way from the LU shop today I saw proud students having their photos taken together with their final papers by the golden doors of Juridicum.

This week we also had the great joy of meeting many new students on campus. On Tuesday, the University welcomed around 500 new exchange students to Lund on the official Arrival Day (click here for video). Yesterday, our team at the Alumni and Career office got the opportunity to meet these new international students at the Student Association Fair, giving them a quick introduction to the Alumni Network, telling them how welcome they are to join by the end of their semester and presenting a list of interesting career seminars they could join. The most popular things on our table, however, were the colourful postcards featuring photos of Lund. A perfect way for the new students to communicate with their family back home about where in the world they have travelled.


Karen and I were also very happy to see so many participants in the Lundensaren Christmas lottery! We are thrilled to hear about what you have enjoyed the most about the Alumni Network. As promised, 20 unique alumni mugs are soon on their way to their new owners by snail mail. Winners in the lottery are notified by email.


Other exciting things that happened this week.
Sylvia Schwaag Serger, the new Deputy Vice Chancellor at Lund University (from 1 January), visited our External Relations office this week for a fika. She has a special responsibility for education at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, as well as for internationalisation. Sylvia is a professor in research politics at the School of Economics and Management and received her PhD from London School of Economics. She was previously the director of Vinnova with a responsibility for international strategies.

Lund University is happy to announce that Fredrik Mertens, professor in clinical genetics, was named Cancer Researcher of the Year 2018 by Cancerfonden, the Swedish Cancer Society. Click here to read the article (in Swedish).

This week’s research news: Oxygen in the World’s Oceans is declining, scientists reveal dangers and solutions

Things that we are looking forward to.
The opening of our Love@Lund exhibition will take place on Valentine’s Day 14 February in the University main building. We are now doing the finishing touches to the exhibition. Truly enjoying all the lovely stories we have received. The invitation to the event on Valentine’s Day will be sent next week.

For those interested in enhancing their career with a Master’s degree from Lund University – 15 January is the application deadline for our Master’s programmes starting autumn 2018. Click here to read more.

For 350th Jubilee enthusiasts, don’t miss the grand finale on 28 January, exactly 350 years since the University’s inauguration. Open to all, but requires pre-registration. The ceremony is full, but there are still tickets for the concert and the dinner. Click here to read more.

January 12, 2018

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