The Alumni Homecoming Weekend has officially started!

The first Lund University Alumni Homecoming Weekend has officially started!

Lund University Vice Chancellor Professor Torbjörn von Schantz cut the blue ribbon to a trumpet fanfare. The band from Malmö Academy of Music, lead by Mina Kågström, gave our ears a treat. And professor emeritus Bengt Olle Bengtsson, and maker of the film “People and Places”, gave an inspiring lecture with highlights from Lund history. See the whole film here.

Photo: Marcus Järvinen

Check out the whole Homecoming Weekend programme here.

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Homecoming Weekend: 1 day left!

It’s almost here! Tomorrow is the first day of the Alumni Homecoming Weekend and many of you are probably travelling tonight or tomorrow for your weekend in Lund. We thought this would be a good time to share some packing advice with you. What is good to bring to your weekend in Lund?

  • All you need at check-in is your name, you will then get an access-pass for the weekend. So you don’t have to think about bringing a ticket or anything else.
  • The only event that requires any special attire is the Gala dinner (dress code: cocktail), other than that it’s free clothing.
  • If you want to remember this time for a long time – bring your camera or phone to take pictures.
  • It’s going to be both sunny and a bit of rain this weekend – maybe bring your raincoat or an umbrella.
  • If you’re planning on walking between the different events (it’s not far), bring some comfortable shoes.
  • Everything you need will be available in Lund. Just remember to bring your biggest smile and we guarantee that you will have an amazing weekend. 🙂

See you soon!

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Homecoming Weekend: 2 days left!

It’s almost here! In only two days the Homecoming Weekend will be inaugurated and Lund will be filled with alumni from different faculties, with different garduation years and from different countries. If you want to update your social media wih posts from the Homecoming Weekend, these are the hashtags you should use:


We look forward to seeing your photos!

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Homecoming Weekend: 3 days left!

The preparations for the Alumni Homecoming Weekend are in full swing here at the office. This week we are working on all the last minute things before the weekend and right now we are doing the seating arrangements for the Gala Dinner.

Are you wondering about how to get information and answers to your questions during the weekend? At the check-in and breakfast on Friday morning you will get a printed programme for the whole weekend and the possibility to ask questions about the weekend. Information desks will also be open on Friday (8:30-10:30 and 11:00-14:00) and Saturday (8:30-15:30) so that you can check-in later if needed, get tickets for different tours and events during the weekend and get help finding your way to an event you want to go to or anything else that you might wonder. More specific times and places can be found in the programme, click here to get to it.

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Homecoming Weekend: 4 days left!

It’s getting closer and closer and the weekend we’re all waiting for is almost here. Today we want to highlight activities during the weekend that is connected to certain faculties and departments.

Are you an LTH-alumni?
Friday 20 October 13:30-15:00
 Visning av förbränningsmotorlabbet på LTH (this event will only be held in Swedish)
Friday 20 October 16:00-19:00 Alumni Mingle with TLTH Alumni Association. Visit your old student association and meet other LTH-alumni while having some drinks, snacks and “smörgåstårta”.

Are you an EHL-alumni?
Friday 20 October 11:30-13:00
Alumni Lunch Seminar at the School of Economics and Management. Light mingle lunch followed by a lecture by Annika Winsth (Nordea chief economist) and Bo Lundgren (former Minister for Fiscal and Financial Affairs, leader of the opposition party and head of the National Debt Office) about challenges and risks in the Swedish economy today.
Friday 20 October 13:00-16:00 Open house at LUSEM Student Union.

Are you an alumni from the Faculty of Social Sciences?
Friday 20 October 13:00-16:00
Alumnidag på Institutionen för Psykologi (this event will only be held in Swedish).
Friday 20 October 13:30-17:00 Campus Helsingborgs inspirationsevent för alumner och After Work med Helsingborgs stad (this event will only be held in Swedish).

Are you an alumni from the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology?
Friday 20 October 10:30-17:00
Open house at the Department of Arts & Cultural Sciences
Friday 20 October 13:00-15:00 Asian Studies – A career for the future! Alumni lecture at the Centre for East and South-East Asian studies. Alumni Niall Duggan, Elinor Lumbang, and Sune Petersen will share their experiences with current students and alumni.
Friday 20 October 11:00-16:00 Open house at the student union for Humanities and Theology.
Saturday 21 October 12:00-16:00 Alumni Day at European Studies. Mingle, fika, lectures, alumni presentations and speed-dating.
Saturday 21 October 12:00-17:00 Welcome HOME to the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. There will be presentations on current research on the topic HOME, HOME-baked cookies and mingle with teachers and alumni. Separate registration required.
Sunday 22 October 13:00 Traditional game night at the Student Union of Humanities and Theology (HTS). An afternoon with boardgames and fika.

Are you an alumni from the Faculty of Science?
Friday 20 October 11:00-15:00
Open house at the Science Student Union
Friday 20 October 11:00-12:00, 15:00-16:00 and 17:00-18:00, Sunday 22 October 11:00-12:00 Physics and Laser Show.  A spectacular show which gives more than a taste of how fun and exciting physics and science can be. Awesome experiments follow one another at a swift pace. You get to see sound and light experiments, pressure and combustion ”attempts”, demonstrations of fiber optics, explosions and many other types of experiments. The shows are rounded off with a fantastic lasershow. More than 1000 lasers contribute to filling the room with beams. Smoke, lightning, rumbling thunder and evocative music are included. The show has been given around 2500 times for about half a million people in total.

Are you an alumni from the Faculty of Medicine?
Friday 20 October 12:00-13:00
Pea soup and Pancakes at the Student Union at the Faculty of Medicine.

Are you an alumni from the Faculty of Law?
Friday 20 October 14:00-16:00
Alumni Afternoon at the Faculty of Law. Listen to presentations about new, interesting research, join the guided tour and have some fika.

Are you an alumni from Lund University’s Centre for Sustainability Studies or the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics?
Friday 20 October 14:15-16:00
Current research in Sustainability Science & LUCSUS and the education in Sustainability Science over the past years and future pathways. Lectures and mingle.
Saturday 21 October 14:00-16:00 ”Interdisciplinary Education for the Future: Meeting Global Challenges”. A seminar with researchers from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) and Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies.

We hope that you find something interesting from your faculty or department. If not, check out everything else that’s happening during the weekend here.

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One week left!

Today it’s only one week left until we open the doors to Lund University’s Alumni Homecoming Weekend. We hope that you are as excited as we are! The three day long programme is filled with exciting activities and there’s something for everyone. Come to the opening ceremony and listen to music and a speech by Vice-Chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz, relive the student life at the nation’s pub’s on Friday evening, listen to lectures in the Alumni Hub on Saturday, go on a guided tour on Sunday, visit one of the many open houses at faculties and institutions that welcomes you during the weekend, go see a physics and laser show and of course there will be endless amounts of “fika”. Click here to find the programme for the weekend here.

Highlight from the programme: One of the events happening on Friday is “Lunch with a Pro”. An event where alumni and students can meet to talk with each other and exchange tips and ideas on their carrers. There will be 120 alumni and students talking to each other and hopefully get a lot of inspiration and new people to their network. Maybe we will see you there!

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Looking for an internship in the fields of science, technology, engineering or business? AIESEC wants to help you!

AIESEC is a global platform for young people looking for a way to get work experience and practice their leadership skills. They have partnerships with companies all over the world and their focus is world issues, leadership and management. They want to help young people explore and develop their leadership potential and they offer different kinds of internships where young people can learn from experience, are allowed to make mistakes and can get guidance and help along the way.

Right now AIESEC are looking for graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths for paid internships (12-18 months) at Electrolux. Some of the countries in which Electrolux are looking for interns are Malaysia, India, Poland, Italy, Hong Kong and Thailand. Read more and apply on this link:

AIESEC are also looking for business graduates interested in paid internships at PwC. Some of the countries you can apply for an internship in are Mexico, South Africa, India and Poland and the duration vary between 13-52 weeks. Read more and apply here:

Don’t miss this opportunity, apply now!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact AIESEC at

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Work-psychological testing

Personality tests, ability tests and tests in logical thinking. Work-psychological testing is getting more and more common in recruitment processes and when applying for a job you can often expect to be asked to do at least one test. Many people, including me, find these tests a bit frightening and that’s why I attended a workshop in work-psychological testing.

I arrived at the workshop with high expectations and hopes of leaving it later with much better confidence regarding these tests. During the workshop we got to do four different tests. One ability test, one test in logical thinking and two personality tests whereof one of them also included some logical thinking. I was exhausted when I finished!

Even though it was exhausting, it was a very useful experience and i learnt a lot. Here’s a few things that’s good to know about work-psychological testing:

  • The tests are sometimes customized for the specific job and sometimes more general, it depends on what the employer want to get out of the testing.
  • You usually get feedback on your test results, no matter if you get the job or not.
  • Ability tests and tests in logical thinking often have a time limit, personality tests usually don’t.
  • When doing a personality test there’s no right or wrong – don’t try and answer the questions how you think the employer wants you to answer, that will be discovered during the follow-up interview or give you a job that won’t suit you.
  • Think about how you are as a person and how you can exemplify that before you do the tests. That will help you while answering questions about your personality, both on tests and interviews. It will also help you give the employer a true and honest version of yourself which is always appreciated.
  • Carefully read or listen to the instructions and ask if anything is unclear.
  • Make sure you can’t get any minus points on the test – if not, take chances and give an answer to each question.
  • Practice! You can’t practice to be good or bad at these tests but by practising you will feel more calm and confident because you will recognize the structure and type of questions. Work-psychological tests can be found online.
  • Don’t think to much while answering the questions – trust your guts and first instinct!

And how did I do? The tests were both easy and hard at the same time and when I was done (after two hours of answering test-questions) I was so tired that i barley remember what I answered. What I know is that I definitely feel much more confident and less scared of these tests now and I’m ready to do them for real in future recruitment processes. However, I won’t get my feedback until beginning of November so until then I’m happily unknowing of how I actually did.

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Celebrating Kanelbullen around the world

Today, 4 October, Sweden is celebrating the official day of the Cinnamon Bun, Kanelbullens Dag!

Kanelbullens Dag was established in 1999, not only to boost the Swedish baking industry, but also with the purpose to give people a special reason to celebrate and show that they care for one another. What better way can you show that you care for someone than to offer them fika with kanelbullar, right?

The day has inspired many alumni events all around the world. This year the Swedish Institute and Sweden alumni networks are taking the celebration of the cinnamon bun to a global level. From Dhaka to Nairobi and from Islamabad to La Paz, Swedish alumni are baking cinnamon buns and donating them to charity. Click here to learn more about #SInnamonbun.

In Turkey, The Swedish Embassy in Ankara organise their own “bake & taste” cinnamon bun activity today. And in Hong Kong The Swedish Culture Association in Hong Kong organises a baking event on Sunday (Lund University alumni are very welcome to join!).

Here in Lund we celebrate Kanelbullens Dag by pre-ordering a huge pile of buns for the 3 o’clock fika. Do you remember your favourite café?

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TBT – Do you remember the AF-building?

The AF-building is located in the centre of Lund and is like a second home for many students in Lund. Whether you want a place to study, have a fika, see a spex or attend a ball the AF-building is the right place to go.


The Academic Society (Akademiska Föreningen, AF) was founded in 1830 in order to assemble everyone connected to Lund University and create a home for them at the AF-building. The AF-building was first finished in 1851 and have since then changed, expanded and been renovated several times. There are various rooms in the AF-building that can be used for different occasions such as meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, breakfasts, lunches or dinners, cocktail parties, banquets, balls and much more. At the AF-building there’s also different fairs, spex and other cultural events every year.

The AF-building is not only a home for students but also for alumni. You can rent it for several events such as weddings, birthday parties, conferences for your company or anything else that you need a great venue for. You can also visit the different activities that’s always going on in the building such as a spex, concert, exhibition or lecture, among many other things.


Right now you can find the Alumninetwork’s exhibition Love@Lund 2017 in Cafe Athens in the AF building.

What memories do you have from the AF building?

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