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The Catastrophic Carnival – only 238 days to go!

Karneval 2022

These are certainly complicated times to plan for the world’s second largest non-profit event as the world goes through a world crisis. But surely nobody could have come up with a more fitting title than the 2022 Catastrophic Carnival (Katastrofalkarneval)?

“Yes, I can confirm that it didn’t take long for the theme to become obvious”, says the Lund Carnival’s Press and Sponsorship Manager Emil Fredberg.

“There was a consensus in the group at a very early stage. Sometimes things don’t quite turn out as planned, in everyday life, in school and in other contexts. The 2022 Lund Carnival will celebrate these misunderstandings, blunders and missteps. We think that all of life’s occasions are worth celebrating and, during the 2022 Lund Carnival, we will do so together.”

But with 238 days to go (at the time of writing this piece) before 20 May 2022, you have to stay alert because absolutely anything can happen. How do you manage such a work situation?

“We have continuously evaluated our conviction that the 2022 Lund Carnival will take place and will be as big as ever. Nobody can see into the future, but this attitude has been reasonable according to the infection control physician who accompanied our thought processes. We were recently delighted to hear about further easing of restrictions at the end of September, in line with our “Plan A”, which feels like a relief as well as a lot of fun.”

Emil Fredberg admits that there are currently no plans as to what will happen if the carnival is cancelled, but the carnival committee is monitoring pandemic discourse and remains flexible in its approach to a potential situation in which the carnival would not be feasible.

Around 35 individuals, a carnival committee and the heads of 32 divisions are working hard to get all the preparations going. Each division has between 60 and 600 student volunteers who are ready to get to work.

If nothing unforeseen happens (Nah – why would it?) the carnival has the high hope of becoming one of the first really big events after the pandemic. And there does not seem to be any shortage of concepts and ideas for the staging of typical Lund humour. Maybe you have some ideas of your own?

Karnevalsbild Tävling
Take me to the competition (In Swedish)

Kickstart your creative mind and contribute to the 2022 carnival!

  • The poster – the carnival poster is one of the oldest and most traditional trademarks of the carnival.
  • The carnival tune – Music to spread that carnival feeling!
  • The overture – the Nobel Prize gala event has one. The ice cream van has one. Now it’s your turn to create a unique overture for the Lund Carnival!
  • Sideshows – If you are guarding a great script idea, this could be the competition for you!
  • Attraction tents – Join in the process of designing the carnival site!
  • Parade floats – What is your vision for a float or a troupe in the carnival parade?
  • Songs – Now you can seize the chance to get your work included in the most sung songbook in the history of Lund!
  • Joker – A competition where everything between heaven and earth can be sent in; there are no stupid ideas!

The Lund Carnival takes place every fourth year and is organised by Lund University students. During the carnival days, Lundagård park is transformed into a huge carnival site with attraction tents, raffle kiosks, student farce theatre, radio broadcasts, performers and of course food and drink. In addition, a carnival procession parades through the streets of Lund spreading carnival cheer to around 400 000 visitors attending the event. The first Lund Carnival was organised in 1849 and, since then, the event has entertained generations of carnival volunteers and visitors.

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September 21, 2021

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