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The Alumni Network Book Club 2024

Book club 2024

Is there anything better than losing yourself in a good story? We don’t think so.

Vacation time means Book Club time in the Alumni Network. The books are written by alumni, and the authors are scheduled for author talks (in Swedish) in the autumn.

If you are confident in your Swedish language skills, then we suggest that you instead read the following page about the Book Club: Read more about the Book Club in Swedish

If you are still working on your Swedish skills, have no fear!

Netflix an honest life
Photo: Emil Hornstrup Jakobsen / Netflix | The film, An Honest Life, starring Simon Lööf, Nora Rios and Peter Andersson and directed by Mikael Marcimain will premiere on Netflix in the near future.

If you’re not able to read Swedish, you can still enjoy some of the works by at least one of our Book Club authors in English and immerse yourself in the stories regardless of any language barriers. The book: An Honest Life, is also set to premiere as a film adaptation on Netflix in the near future.
You can watch the official film trailer here.

Joakim Zander books in English
Book titles by Joakim Zander available in English

The Book Club Books

Swedish publisher: Bonnier | The book has been described by the major daily newspaper critics as enjoyable, frightening and thoroughly fascinating reading.

Synopsis: Eden

At the end of the spring semester, Elise has only written the theoretical part of her master’s thesis in art history. Her relationship with Johan seems to be over. He thinks she has a dark view on life and always needs to talk about the nervous system. Elise herself wishes she were a mollusk or a tree and wants to revert to an earlier stage in evolution. When she meets Johannes and Fredrik, who study extinct languages, she feels an unusual sense of belonging. In search of a community beyond the limitations of modern civilisation, they follow the highway down through Europe.

About the author

Isabelle Ståhl
Isabelle Ståhl. Photo: Mira Wickman

Isabelle Ståhl, born in 1988, was raised in Ängelholm but now resides in Stockholm. She has studied literature and practical philosophy in Lund, and the novel is also set in the world of academia. She is an author, literary critic and a doctoral student in the history of ideas at Stockholm University. Her debut novel Just now I am here from 2017 was nominated for both the Borås Newspaper debutant prize and the August Prize.

An honest life
Swedish publisher: Wahlström & Widstrand

Synopsis: An Honest Life / Ett ärligt liv

At a violent demonstration in Malmö, a young, lost law student meets a woman who introduces him to her eccentric friends. Their lives are built on radical and exciting ideals, but also on lies and great risks. When he finally discovers what he has been drawn into, it is already too late to escape. An Honest Life is a thriller about truth, betrayal, and the allure of living outside the law.

About the author

Joakim Zander
Joakim Zander. Photo: Viktor Fremling

Joakim Zander, born in 1975, resides with his family in Lund and works at Lund University as a visiting lecturer and university lecturer. For ten years in Brussels, he has been active in several EU institutions and earned his doctorate in law at Maastricht University. During his upbringing, he lived partly in the Middle East and the USA.


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