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Lundensaren, the Alumni Newsletter, is sailing into your inbox today! It will be absolutely jam-packed with interesting events that you don’t want to miss this autumn – some taking place offline in Lund/Malmö (yes, can you believe it?!) and some will be online.

Another fun thing to mention from the newsletter is, of course, the competition where you can win a copy of the book featured in the picture of this blog post. It could be the perfect thing to give as a holiday gift (believe it or not, but the holidays are coming fast!).  Who would you want to give it to? (The competition is now closed 1 October 2021)

About the book
When Beppe digs into his sweet treats, he ends up with a sour candy. Ugh! Beppe hates sour candies. Is there any way to avoid sour candies? What is sour anyway? And what is the pH scale?

Beppe Singer is an LU alumnus, chemist and has been the TV-presenter for the children’s TV-show Hjärnkontoret. He also writes books (in Swedish) for curious children! All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on this blog post telling us to whom you want to give the book. Three names will be drawn at random on Friday 1 October.

That’s all for now.
Happy reading and have an awesome weekend!

Kind regards from
Helga at the Alumni Office 😊

September 24, 2021

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  1. Maria

    My two daughters that love science, chemistry and experiments almost as much as they love sour candy.

  2. Linda Jonasson

    I would give the book to my daughter who has just started school (pre-school class)

  3. Bo Thornberg

    My sisters son´s bonus son Melker has a penchant for books and is the only child in that family that wants me to dedicate his birthday book. And to write in it: “Do not sell” for security sakes.

  4. Maria Esaiasson

    I would give the book to my mother Jadwiga, a very curious grandmother who loves to read for her six grandchildren (that are spread all over Sweden) through Zoom!

  5. Emelie Hult

    I would give it to my son for his first Läslov.

  6. Sofia Jarlbring

    My daughter would love us to read this book at bedtime.

  7. Ylva Freiesleben

    My curious son would love this book! Have tried to explain what sour sweets do to his teeth. It would be great to read this book with him. Haven’t found a fun way yet to talk about acid/base in the things around us, so this I think he would enjoy.

  8. Hanna

    My niece who loves books!

  9. Anette Mårtensson

    My niece is very interested in biology and mathematics (probability,predictions and such things). I think she would enjoy this book.

  10. Anouk Dahlquist

    I would give the book too my daughter who loves candy in all form and flavors!

  11. Björn Westerfors

    My niece!

  12. Jan-Olof Snygg

    My grandson don’t like sour candy. He will have use for the book.

  13. Jessica Clevenger

    My partner’s cousin who I turning 6 soon and may enjoy this 🙂

  14. Louise Hjortsberg

    My daughter Embla

  15. Eva Lundin

    This would be such a nice book to give to my dear little niece on her birthday in December. She loves reading!

  16. Tina Ledje

    My grandson is very picky. He hates sour candy. He will definitely have usage of this book. What a good tip for Christmas!

  17. Sanna Olsson

    I would give the book to my nephew, and read together during the Christmas holidays.

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