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More alumni will adorn the stands in the AF building’s Great Hall

Johan Stenfeldt, Chairman of the Academic Society, with a sample of what the new names will look like. Photo: Minna Wallén-Widung

The row of notable Lund University alumni inside the AF building is set to be expanded with new names. Now the public is invited to nominate an alum that they believe deserves one of these prestigious spots in the Great Hall. There are two non-negotiable criteria.

Along the balcony inside the Great Hall, the very heart of the AF building, runs a frieze. It is decorated with names of several former Lund students and was created using the technique of intarsia, where thin pieces of wood veneer are glued onto a solid base. Well-known individuals such as Carl von Linné, Axel von Fersen, Otto Lindblad and Esaias Tegnér have had their names immortalised here.

“There are several clergymen, generals, scientists, and cultural figures here. The initiator was historian Martin Weibull, who decided on the first names back in the 1860s, just in time for the University’s 200th anniversary,” says Johan Stenfeldt.

Stenfeldt himself is an associate professor of history and has been the chairman of the Academic Society for just over a year. He is also the one who has now initiated the addition of new names to those already present.

“Names were added in 1911, 1930 and most recently in the 1950s, during a renovation. But since then, nothing has happened,” says Johan Stenfeldt.

Everyone is welcome to submit suggestions

These updates are set to happen in the near future. A project group has been established, and now the public – individuals, companies and organisations – is invited to suggest which Lund University alumni should have their names in the hall.

“Our ambition is to gradually add two names per year, like growth rings.”

So, who can be considered a notable Lund alum?

Essentially, there are only two criteria that the project group strictly adheres to. The person (1) must be an alum, meaning they must have been enrolled as a student at the University and (2) they must be deceased.

“We are continuing the tradition that has been established, and these are the criteria that apply. Other than that, there are no specific criteria, and we want to have a wide mix of individuals from all fields. The movitvation letter should be written in a free text format.”

Planning a symposium

30 September is the deadline for nominating one’s favourite alum. After that, the project group, consisting of Johan Stenfeldt, former Vice-Chancellor Göran Bexell, University Lecturer in Legal History Elsa Trolle Önnerfors, and the AF Executive Director Johan Jörlert, will choose the names with the best motivations. The chosen names will be revealed on the society’s annual day on 30 November.

“Our ambition is then to follow up with events in the form of symposiums where we invite experts to discuss who these people were and what they did in their lives. We want to manage this a little better.”

Is there a name you would like to see yourself?

“Absolutely, many names come to mind. Both former prime ministers, cultural figures, and Nobel laureates have been students here. But I also hope to be surprised by the suggestions that come in.”

More information about the project and how to nominate can be found on the Academic Society’s website.

Original text: Minna Wallén-Widung – first published on 30 May 2024 in LUM

Nominate here

It is now possible to nominate new names for this name frieze. Your nomination should include:

  1.  Name of the nominee, along with birth and death years

  2.  The nominee’s enrollment year at Lund University (after 1898)

  3.  A movitation letter, maximum 150 words

The mandatory criteria includes the following: (1) the nominee must have been enrolled as a student at Lund University and (2) must be deceased.

Contributions in all subject areas and fields of activity are meritorious. The contributions can be nationally, internationally or locally significant.

The nomination should be sent by 30 September 2024, to

Source: Namnfris — AF (


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