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5 quick questions for the vice-chancellor

Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström Lund University
Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström

Erik Renström has been in his role since 22 January 2021 when he was inaugurated as the new vice-chancellor of Lund University. He has previously been the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and is a doctor and professor in experimental endocrinology with extensive academic experience. We had the opportunity to ask him 5 quick questions.


What is your most important task as vice-chancellor of Lund University?

Formulating the way ahead for Lund University over the next few years and explaining the common thread through the University management’s efforts to bring about this progress.


The University’s strategic plan states that collaboration with alumni shall be further developed. Why is it important for alumni to be engaged in the University’s work and what can the University offer them?

– Alumni are extremely important ambassadors who have that special credibility that comes from having experienced the University themselves. Through its renown and standing, Lund University can contribute to their success, but also offer an ever-expanding network throughout their lives and serve as an anchor in a constantly changing existence.


Many of the University’s activities have been conducted digitally during the pandemic. How do you envisage Lund University’s “new normal” in the future?

– In many different ways. We will establish a better thought-out approach to remote working and remote studies. We will carry out more work from home, but also value the community of the workplace more strongly. We will take care of it and not take it for granted.


What has your own experience been of Zoom meetings, coffee breaks in Teams and your home office?

– It has gone really well! I even had a Christmas party on Zoom. It was really great to be able to crawl straight into bed afterwards.


If each day had two extra hours, how would you use them?

– Three quarters of an hour for one or two extra meetings, three quarters of an hour for writing and half an hour to do some kind of workout.

March 5, 2021

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  1. Grace Omollo

    I feel proud to say that through Lund University I was able to learn a lot and progressed further with my studies from Diploma in General Nursing (RN), Higher Diploma in Midwifery (RM)……………………to Advanced Training Programme (ATP 5 – 2008) in International Advanced Diploma in SRHR (Malmo)of which I successfully Initiated a project – Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Centre back at home. Through the ATP follow- up program in Stockholm 2009 I got the zeal to pursue my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) followed by a Master’s degree in Nursing with a specialty in Maternal and Neonatal Health in (2014). Any further studies…………….e.g. masters in health economics would be welcome

  2. Helga Heun

    Hi! We apologize for the delay in our response! Happy to hear your comment! Please send an email to and we will help you further. Kind regards, Helga/LU Alumni Office

  3. Doris Mwanzui

    Great to hear that the new vice chancelor LUND University values Alumni. I’m a former student for ITP 2014 SRHR. I learnt a lot during that time. However i still need there is need for the Vice chancellor to consider us in terms of further studies probably (degree in SRHR).

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