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5 quick questions with the talented Paul Rey

Paul Rey
Paul Rey, photo by Jens Nordström

Tonight (Saturday 13 March 2021) Lund University student Paul Rey will compete for the chance to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest as he sings for the win in “Melodifestivalen” aka “Mello” aka the biggest entertainment on Swedish prime time TV. We got the chance to ask the Lund University popstar 5 quick questions before he goes on stage!


You have a successful music career, but have decided to get a degree as well. What are your plans for your education in combination with your music?

– I am studying for a Master’s in International Marketing and Brand Management at Lund University! I chose to start studying to get more input in my life after having only worked as an artist and songwriter for several years. Studying and learning every day has been super rewarding for me personally, and everything I’ve learned is very applicable in my profession as an artist.


Tonight you are in the Swedish finals for “Melodifestivalen”- what is your song about?

– My song The Missing Piece is about my daughter who was born in November and how it feels to become a parent and how she makes me complete!


How do people know you’re from Lund?

– Partly that I study at Lund University, but also that I love riding my bike to places and my accent with rolling R’s!


What is a must-visit for you when you are in town?

– My niece!!


If you get to represent Sweden in the Eurovision final, what would be the most fun and exciting
thing about it and what would be the scariest thing about it? 

– The most exciting thing will be to show off on the world’s biggest music stage with a song that I am incredibly proud of. There’s nothing scary about it.

March 13, 2021

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