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A day at the office

Working at the Lund University Alumni Office is anything but boring. Here’s a quick glimpse on what’s currently going on at our office.

Morning seminar: “From innovation to commercial success”

Godmorgon Lund at Mobile Heights

Morning spent at Mobile Heights and Godmorgon Lund, the city’s breakfast meetings to inspire innovation and growth. But first a note on biking in Lund. I travelled from the western parts of Lund to Mobile Heights in the north, and it was a steep bike ride uphill the whole way! And they say that Skåne is flat… It was a tough start of the day. Thankfully the event presented three highly inspiring alumni from Lund University.

  • Rikard Berthilsson, associate professor at the Department of Mathematics and founder of Winfoor, Cognimatics and Neuromathic. Face Warp apps for mobile phones in the beginning of the milennium, camera software for cognitive vision and intelligent surveillance and new technology for wind turbine motor blades are examples on some of Rikard’s innovations and businesses.
  • Jon Hauksson, Faculty of Engineering alumnus and founder of Storytel, one of the largest audio books and e-book companies in Sweden.
  • Evangelia Mitsou, a Faculty of Engineering alumna, and her Venture Cup start-up Swedish Food Bank-Skåne institution against hunger

Results of the second morning meeting: See you in Zimbabwe!
All alumni and friends in Zimbabwe, save the date for our alumni event in Harare on 27 November!

Lunch meeting: Exciting new Career Networking Café for graduate students
Inspiring lunch meeting with one of our talented international alumni and plans for an exciting Career Networking Café for graduate students this autumn.

Afternoon presentation: Lund University’s reputation and media image stay strong
Recent research made by the Kantar Sifo Institute shows that Lund University is among the top three universities with the best reputation among the general public in Sweden.


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