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TBT – Do you remember the AF-building?

The AF-building is located in the centre of Lund and is like a second home for many students in Lund. Whether you want a place to study, have a fika, see a spex or attend a ball the AF-building is the right place to go.


The Academic Society (Akademiska Föreningen, AF) was founded in 1830 in order to assemble everyone connected to Lund University and create a home for them at the AF-building. The AF-building was first finished in 1851 and have since then changed, expanded and been renovated several times. There are various rooms in the AF-building that can be used for different occasions such as meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, breakfasts, lunches or dinners, cocktail parties, banquets, balls and much more. At the AF-building there’s also different fairs, spex and other cultural events every year.

The AF-building is not only a home for students but also for alumni. You can rent it for several events such as weddings, birthday parties, conferences for your company or anything else that you need a great venue for. You can also visit the different activities that’s always going on in the building such as a spex, concert, exhibition or lecture, among many other things.


Right now you can find the Alumni Network’s exhibition Love@Lund 2017 in Cafe Athen in the AF-building.

What memories do you have from the AF-building?


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