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Four more inspiring alumni

A big thank you to our Alumni Hub speakers during the Homecoming Weekend 20-22 October!

Presenting four more inspiring alumni from Ericsson, University of Basel, Kompis Sverige and Rättviseförmedlingen.

Per Göran “PG” Ohlsson, Harry Hotline Society
Over 30 years ago the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson started developing mobile phones. This was a development that would lead to making Sweden, and Lund in particular, a high-technological center. But how did it all start and why did Lund become such a central hub? PG Ohlsson, LTH alumnus, former global process
manager at Sony Ericsson, is one of the founders of the Harry Hotline Society, a society that aims to share the knowledge of the Swedish mobile phone industry through lectures, books and articles. Click here to learn more!

Pegah Afsharian, founder of Kompis Sverige
Pegah is a human rights alumna and founder of Kompis Sverige, an organisation that aims to connect new and established Swedes and create new friendship ties. Today the organisation cooperates with 14 municipalities all over Sweden and make new friendships possible every day. A perfect opportunity to broaden your perspectives and meet new people. Learn more about Kompis Sverige by clicking here.

Shefaa AlAsfoor, PhD student at the University of Basel
When Shefaa studied as a Master’s degree student in Molecular Biology at Lund University, she found her life goal and future career – to cure diabetics. Today she pursues her dream as a PhD candidate at the University of Basel in Switzerland. We truly wish Shefaa best of luck with her research and career!

Seher Yilmaz, president of Rättviseförmedlingen
In 2014 Seher became president of Rättviseförmedlingen, or Equalisters as they are called in English. Seher is a political science alumna from Lund with a extensive experience from working with NGO’s. Rättviseförmedlingen is an equality project aiming to correct the imbalances of representation in media, culture, business and other contexts. The non-profit initiative has accumulated experiences, best practices and tools that are now available to people around the world who want to make their society more equal and who are open to alternatives to the dominant norms in representation and participation. Through Rättviseförmedlingen Seher works for a more equal and inclusive society. Click here to learn more about Rättviseförmedlingen.

Photos:,, LU Bildbank fri, Pressbild Rättviseförmedlingen Christian Gustavsson

October 26, 2017

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