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Voices from the Alumni Reception in Berlin

Name: Kerstin
Studies: Master of Arts in Literature, Culture and Media (class of 2011)
Works with: General Personnel and Organisational issues at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin

Favourite memory from Lund University: 
The close contact with professors and meeting students and people from other fields than my own.




Name: Maksim
Studies: Master of Science in Finance (class of 2018)
Works with: Project Management Intern at EBay in Berlin

Favourite spot in Berlin: Victoria Park in Kreuzberg. The park is situated on a hill, with fountains and beautiful scenery. It is particularly beautiful in the summer-time, when many people gather there to relax, spend time and chat with one another.



Name: Anne
Studies: Master of Arts in European Studies (class of 2015)
Works with: Inhouse recruitment specialist at Adesso

Favourite memory from Lund University: The people I met, definitely. I am still friends with many people, both from my programme and my student engagement at different nations.

Name: Josefin
Studies: Master of Arts in European Studies (class of 2015)
Works with: Copy Writer at Zalando at the Nordic office in Berlin

What do you think you will be doing in five years?: I honestly do not know. But I think this is part of the excitement, to be somewhere where I can not even imagine today.


Name: Sebastian
Studies: Master of Science in Environmental Management and Policy (class of 2012)
Works with: Guest researcher at Adelphi

Favourite spot in Berlin: A place called Heiliger See (English: Holy Lake). A place for contemplation, to enjoy the serenity of nature, to have a picnic while watching the sunset.




Name: James
Studies: Master of Science in Plant Science (class of 2018)
Works with: PhD studies in Urban Ecology at Freie Universität Berlin, conducting research on fungi in the city

Favourite memory from Lund University: Being responsible for the only international spex in Lund, at Kalmar nation.



November 16, 2018

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  1. ndemi

    They all look like happy professionals. Thanks to what Lund University gave them. Wishing them all much prosperity in their endeavors.

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