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Voices from Arrival Day

On 20 August, Lund University had the pleasure to welcome over 1700 new international students to Lund on the official Arrival Day in AF Borgen. Today you meet some of the new students who arrived from near and far.

Name: Josh
From: Australia
Studies: Chemistry
Why did you choose Lund University?
“It’s a beautiful city and university. It’s bilingual, so I have the chance to learn Swedish.”
Looking forward to right now:
“Having a shower!”




Name: Elisa
From: Italy
Studies: Management
Why did you choose Lund University?
“I have two friends who spent last semester in Lund and they told me many beautiful things about studying here. So, I wanted to give it a try. The School of Economics and Management also offers many interesting courses within my field.”
Looking forward to right now:
“Actually, I’m looking for new friends. I just arrived and everything feels a little confusing. I’m looking forward to settling in and hope to enjoy my course at the School of Economics and Management.”


Name: Anna
From: Finland
Studies: Medicine
Why did you choose Lund University?
“I want to learn Swedish and Lund is a nice town.”
Looking forward to right now:
“To unpack my bags!”





Name: Davide
From: Venezuela
Studies: Computer Engineering
Why did you choose Lund University?
“Sweden is a great country with many opportunities. And you can find good work here.”
Looking forward to right now:
“I’m looking forward to meeting people! I have been in Lund for some time and it’s been a little lonely!”




Name: Mioko
From: Japan (just arrived after a 21 hour long flight)
Studies: Media and Communications
Why did you choose Lund University?
“I wanted to study abroad and improve my English. I had heard that people in Sweden speak English fluently. I had also heard a lot of good things about Lund, and that people are nice, from friends who have studied here. I’m looking forward to connecting with people and meeting a lot of international friends.”
Looking forward to right now:
“Making new friends and improving my English”

August 21, 2018

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