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New student finance for mid-career adults


Do you dream about developing your skills, perhaps changing careers or increasing your opportunities in the labour market? Have you heard that there is a new type of student finance available for mid-career adults in Sweden that gives you the chance to further develop skills in your professional field or completely change your career path, while receiving up to 80% of your salary?

A new transition package came into force in Sweden on 1 October 2022. The transition package includes changes to labour laws and a new law about student finance for transition and retraining has been adopted. A new law on transition and skills support in the labour market has also been introduced.

The new student finance for transition and retraining is aimed at adults who have already entered the labour market and want to improve their employability by broadening or deepening their expertise. It is also available for those on fixed contracts and the self-employed.

You can apply for the student finance for transition and retraining for studies of up to one year and receive up to 80% of your salary. You can choose to study full or part-time.

Who is eligible for student finance for transition and retraining and what courses can I study?

Middle age career

You can receive student finance for transition and retraining from the year you turn 27 to the year you turn 62. You must be established on the labour market and have worked for a total of at least 8 years over the past 14 years and at least 12 months of the last 24 months.

The criteria for receiving student finance for transition and retraining can be found on

All courses and programmes in Sweden that entitle you to student grants and loans also entitle you to student finance for transition and retraining. This includes courses and programmes at a higher education institution, adult education at upper-secondary level (Komvux), folk high school or a higher vocational education programme. The most important thing is that your planned studies must strengthen your position in the Swedish labour market.

Plan for your dream future and set your goals

step up your career

1. Find out which transition organisation you belong to

The collective agreement at your place of work governs which transition organisation you should turn to. If your workplace does not have a collective agreement, you should contact the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

List of transition organisations (in Swedish)

2. Plan your studies and apply for a course or study programme

You can plan and apply for studies via If you are unsure about what to apply for or what might suit you, alumni are always welcome to contact Lund University’s study advisors.

3. Apply for student loan and grant for transition and retraining

Apply for student finance for transition and retraining in the form of a grant and/or loan by logging in on Please note that if you work for an employer with a collective agreement, you apply for the additional allowance directly from your transition organisation. Keep in mind that you may often be entitled to unpaid leave from your job to study. Ask your employer or your union for more information.

Application period

The application period for courses offered in the autumn semester 2023 opens on 15 March and closes on 17 April. Apply on

The application period for student finance for transition and retraining for studies that begin between 1 July and 31 December 2023 opens on 1 April. Read more on the CSN website.

Maybe you will join us once again in Lund as a student? If so, welcome back!


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