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Homecoming Weekend: 1 day left!

It’s almost here! Tomorrow is the first day of the Alumni Homecoming Weekend and many of you are probably travelling tonight or tomorrow for your weekend in Lund. We thought this would be a good time to share some packing advice with you. What is good to bring to your weekend in Lund?

  • All you need at check-in is your name, you will then get an access-pass for the weekend. So you don’t have to think about bringing a ticket or anything else.
  • The only event that requires any special attire is the Gala dinner (dress code: cocktail), other than that it’s free clothing.
  • If you want to remember this time for a long time – bring your camera or phone to take pictures.
  • It’s going to be both sunny and a bit of rain this weekend – maybe bring your raincoat or an umbrella.
  • If you’re planning on walking between the different events (it’s not far), bring some comfortable shoes.
  • Everything you need will be available in Lund. Just remember to bring your biggest smile and we guarantee that you will have an amazing weekend. 🙂

See you soon!

October 19, 2017

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