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Donations give the Botanical Garden a much-needed revamp

For many people, the Botanical Garden in Lund is a beloved oasis and a favourite spot in the heart of the city. For over 300 years, researchers and students have used the garden for teaching and research. Today, these activities are combined with a large number of visits from schools, the general public and tourists. The garden is now getting a much-needed revamp thanks to generous donations.

The Botanical Garden is facing a thorough transformation which is expected to be complete in 2024. The visitors’ greenhouse in the centre of the garden is the heart of the organisation. Here, more than two thousand different species grow in nine different climate zones. Some of the plants have lived and flourished here for over 150 years, but now the greenhouse is too small. A remodelling of the central part of the greenhouse, the Palm building, and a new entrance to the whole greenhouse, will enable both the plants and the many visitors to be well taken care of and the organisation’s work to be done in a better way. A dedicated schoolroom is also planned in the old outbuilding near the garden office.

The remodelling work in the Botanical Garden, like many other projects at Lund University, is made possible through donations from private donors. Many of them are alumni who want to support Lund University in various ways and whose engagement creates the conditions for exciting projects and pioneering research. Through their generosity, they contribute to enabling Lund University to maintain its position as a world-class university. Donations to the University facilitate the development of research, education and other activities, providing us with keys to solve the major societal challenges of our time.

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