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Moutoz Abdalrahman and Alistair Brice
Moutoz Abdalrahman and Alistair Brice

the winners of the 2021 edition of the Automation Student competition – Moutoz Abdalrahman and Alistair Brice, from the Division of Production and Materials Engineering LTH, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University!

The two recent graduates investigated how a manual assembly process can be automated. The insights from their Master’s thesis (New era of automation in Scania’s manufacturing systems – A method to automate a manual assembly process) landed them the prestigious award from Automation Region, the centre of excellence that unites small enterprises, large corporations, academia and the public sector in the strife to market Swedish automation expertise, and stimulate innovations.

The jury’s motivation:

With the help of a clear theoretical framework and practical experiments, the authors show how a manual assembly line can be automated. The work offers a credible holistic approach to automation – from needs and demand to mapping and design, to implementation and verification. The authors’ results and insights have the potential to contribute greatly to the Swedish manufacturing industry.

“Our Swedish companies are world leaders and are at the forefront in terms of technology. If we can use automation and technology to create sustainable production locally, we have a great competitive advantage,” says Alistair Brice.

January 26, 2022

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