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Photo contest winners 2019

Every year, current international students submit their photos for the “My Lund University Experience” photo contest. This year, we announced three winners. 

So totally Swedish

“Head-sized cinnamon bun!” by Wai Lam Ip

When mum says “You can only have ONE.”
Wai Lam Ip, Exchange student from China

Study moments at Lund University

“Leafy Library” by Michaile Jamieson

Ironically, everyone takes photos of the main Lund Library from the outside because it is outstandingly beautiful, but the inside of the library deserves some credit too. This was my study view and is my favourite study spot in.
Michaile Jamieson, Psychology student from Ireland

My Friends in Sweden

“Hiking in Söderåsen National Park” by Waqas Haider

This was a trip in welcome week. While we were close to finish point I took this photo in excitement.
Waqas Haider, Fire engeenering student from Pakistan & Belgium


A couple of the winners with their prize (Kånken backpack)!

June 11, 2019

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  1. Waqas Haider

    This was an amazing opportunity to express my experience in Lund University but I feel bad couldn’t attend the ceremony to collect my prize in person.

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