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If you were to change paths, what would you do instead?

We asked four of our more well-known alumni – a comedian, a former top politician, a doctor/TV personality and a former archbishop: If you suddenly woke up one day and needed to change careers, which path would you like to explore instead?

Johan Glans

Johan Glans, beloved comedian:

Running a bookstore is something I can fantasize about at times, especially when I feel stressed. I imagine it to be a pleasant existence. I picture myself engaging in small talk with customers, and when the store is empty, there’s always something to read. But I’m probably naive; reality is usually never that simple…

Annie >Lööf

Annie Lööf, former top politician:

Haha, that’s such a difficult question because I’m currently right in the middle of just that! What would I do if I were to do something COMPLETELY different? Astronaut. I’m so impressed by both the physical and mental strength that people like Marcus Wandt possess. Imagine working at the forefront of the world’s research and innovation while simultaneously testing your own limits. Now I’m reaching for the stars and daydreams, and to be honest, I’m quite content with the life and jobs I have right now.

Henrik Widegren

Henrik Widegren, doctor at the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at Skåne University Hospital (SUS) and Fråga Lund TV expert:

I would like to become a professor of literature, as well as a gardener. In the mornings, read books and teach, and in the afternoons, go out to prune roses and cultivate my garden. A perfect combination!

KG Hammar

K.G. Hammar, former Archbishop of the Church of Sweden, theologian and researcher:

My alternative during high school was literature, and that would still be an alternate life path, preferably in combination with philosophy. So perhaps a professor in those subjects!

Photo credit:
Johan Glans – Robert Eldrim
Annie Lööf – Gabriel Liljevall
Henrik Widegren – Freddy Billqvist
K.G Hammar – Svenska kyrkan